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since 1 was eight. I came over to this country
with my mother and aunt5 who were going to join
my uncle, who was rich. In the Gold Country to
the west [California]. We travelled from the east
in wagons. When we got to Fort Benton my
mother caught the "Black Curse", smallpox, and
died; and the next day my aunt died? too, I
was left with no one to look after me; and so
the Crows adopted me and raised me. They
have been good to me. Have you been treated

cYes, I have been treated all right/ said the
quiet-mannered fellow of the half-breed band.
T do not remember much of my life with the
Sioux. I remember that I had a lot of brothers.
I mean, the Sioux woman who had me had a lot
of boy children,, and we used to play and have a
good time. But we all had to work hard/

By this time half of the Indians were standing
around the two white boys 'looking-in* on their
conversation. And the tall lad was shy; but he
went on:

'There was a white girl, older than I, maybe
about sixteen. In another band of the Sioux who
had gone up into Kewatin from the massacre. I
used to see her once in a while, when we were
camping close together, and I used to try to get a
chance to talk to her and find out who we were,
but they watched her too close.